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Wines of the Rhône Valley - Côtes Du Rhône Villages Plan De Dieu

The Domaine des Favards winery is located in the south of France, in Rhone Valley, on stony and clay-limestone soils.

With the help of the wind and the sun, the vineyard with small yields give quality grapes. On this 25-hectare estate Jean-Paul Barbaud and his daughter Céline, produce organic wines in appellations Côtes du Rhône and Côtes du Rhône Villages Plan de Dieu.




Story of the family

Casimir Barbaud buys the property in 1920. At that time the 18 hectares are planted largely of mulberry trees for the production of the silkworm. A single plot is planted in vines. With the idea of ​​producing his wine and vinifying himself his harvest, he built a winery as an extension of the family farm.


A few years later, his son, Maurice Barbaud takes over the operation. He buys new plots, continues planting fruit trees and vines. He enlarges the cellar. He vinifies himself, as his father did, and sells all his produce to the trade.


In 1976, Jean-Paul Barbaud took over the Domaine. He restructures the farm to produce only wine grapes. He modernizes and enlarges the cellar with the objective of selling his wine in bottles. It was in 1980, with the 1978 vintage, that his dream is realized. He calls the winery "Domaine des Favards" in tribute to his grandfather Casimir who was nicknamed "The Favard", in Provençal, the lucky man, literally the one who always has the bean in the cake of kings.


Jean-Paul has today been joined by his daughter Céline. He transmitted to him the passion of the job and the respect of the soil. Engineer in plant chemistry, she takes a new look at this small farm in organic farming.



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